Roasted Acorn Squash

Roasted Acorn Squash (Paleo)

Prep:1 hr + 5 Min.               Yield: 2 Servings





1 Acorn squash

2 tablespoons Sun Rain Grow Madagascar Vanilla with Cinnamon Ghee

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1 ½ tablespoon coconut sugar

½ teaspoon cinnamon



  • Preheat your oven to 400° Cut an acorn squash in half and scoop the middle out of the squash, then place both halves on a parchment paper covered baking sheet.
  • Melt Madagascar Vanilla with Cinnamon ghee, and then combine with maple syrup, coconut sugar, and cinnamon.
  • Spoon mixture over acorn squash halves and then bake in oven for one hour. Remove and serve immediately. Enjoy!

Author: Sun Rain Grow

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